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Addiction treatment center for private patients and direct payers

Many of you have had a difficult and unique personal journey. Addiction often develops over time. It starts with drinking for pleasure, maybe with a nice meal, then passes on so-called “social drinking”, later becomes a habit, e.g. to “relax”, and finally ends in a dependence, when you “can’t do without it” anymore. The path may end in addiction with the resulting immense personal issues, problems with your family and problems at work. Because we know that this is the case, all employees of My Way Betty Ford Klinik have also been trained to accompany you through these crises.


The Therapy methods of our addiction treatment center have been tried and tested worldwide

Our addiction treatment center specializes in the therapy of addiction, e.g. withdrawal of alcohol and other substances (e.g. medication, drugs). The therapy offers of our private hospital are aimed at self-payers and private patients. We can help you escape from the vicious circle of addiction and will support you on your path back to a happy, active and abundant life. Your quality of life will improve bit by bit and your addiction to alcohol, medicines and drugs will soon be nothing more than part of your history. Our center for drug addiction and rehabilitation uses a therapy approach that has been tried and tested countless times all over the world. It is based on the methods used by centers in the United States, e.g. the Betty Ford Center The therapy concept stands out by its holistic, customized approach and includes a large number of one-on-one therapy sessions, supplemented by a range of interesting additional offers.



Medication addiction

Drug addiction

Treatment of dual diagnoses and comorbidities


"[...]I haven't had any alcohol since I went to the center. I have changed my environment and do a lot of sports. I can really recommend the center. I also like the location of the center. It's a beautiful place where you can find your inner peace.[...]"

"I was at Betty Ford Klinik for a four-week therapy in August 2014 . I was very happy with the therapy program. Thanks to the therapy, I have regained my self-confidence which I had pretty much lost before going for therapy.[...]"

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Combination of professional therapies and a harmonious Atmosphere

In the context of our addiction therapy, we offer methods to relax and reduce stress, creative therapies, as well as sports and fitness. Additional attractive elements can be added as needed. Beyond the pleasant atmosphere of a private hospital, our addiction treatment center does not only address physical needs but also emotional problems. Of course, we will also be there for you if  you need acute withdrawal in an inpatient setting.

We attach particular importance to a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere so that you can focus on recovering.  Our addiction treatment center is located in beautiful surroundings, nestled in the magnificent highland landscape of the spa town of Bad Brückenau. It provides optimum conditions for recovering from the most difficult stage in your life.

You will be in excellent hands for the treatment of addictions such as alcohol withdrawal.  Our employees don't just have an excellent medical background, they also

Respect, empathy and understanding of your needs, large and small, are a matter of course for us. We also attach great importance to a maximum of discretion: Your alcohol withdrawal should not entail any private or professional disadvantages for you.

Trust in our holistic concept and let us help you break the vicious circle of addiction!






Discrete withdrawal in peaceful surroundings

Our addiction treatment center is beautifully located on the outskirts of Bad Brückenau, a small town in the Bavarian Rhoen Mountains. From here, it is just a few steps to the surrounding nature, and the center of the spa town is also just a few minutes by foot. Professional medical care is just as important to us as your well-being.

Our 36 single rooms are comfortably and brightly furnished. All rooms have flat-screen TV with Sky programs, wireless and, of course, an en-suite bathroom with shower. We offer our patients complimentary coffee at several coffee stations  in our building as well as a selection of fresh fruit. Our center offers many options for leisure activities, e.g. a lounge, library and PC stations. In our beautifully landscaped outdoor area with unobstructed views of the Rhoen Mountains, you can relax, play tennis, ride a bicycle or go for a walk.

The Dorint  hotel's "Vital Spa & Garden" is also available to our patients free of charge. The hotel is just a few meters from our center.  The spa offers a "wellness landscape" of 2,800 m² with saunas, springs and indoor as well as outdoor pools .




Certified withdrawal with high quality standards

The success of our therapy is also based on our quality management which is accredited in accordance with the guidelines of the German Council on Alcohol and Addiction (Fachverband Sucht) and  certified and regularly audited according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and FVS DEGEMED 4.0. Our Quality management includes all processes in our addiction treatment center to guarantee optimum medical care. In addition, regular patient surveys ensure the necessary transparency.  Our center works continuously at optimizing our quality management: to meet our own high quality standards and those of our patients.

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