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  • Specialization in addictions and their comorbidities, such as burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • Many years proven therapy concept
  • Clearly above average staffing
  • BAR-certified by the Fachverbund Sucht, last time in 2019
  • A doctor in the house around the clock
  • 8 air-conditioned rooms and therapy rooms
  • approved hospital in the field of detoxification
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Our philosophy

We provide healing and hope for patients, families, or close persons affected by addiction to alcohol, medication or drugs.

Out goal is to lead them to a happy, abstinent life. The treatment offers of our center are aligned to reach this goal.


Our quaint location, feel-good atmosphere and friendly, competent and empathic staff contribute to this goal. We attach utmost importance to a positive, caring, harmonious atmosphere between patient and therapist based on respect and trust.

Each patient must be accepted with his very personal history. Ignoring the problem of addiction often leads to a situation where health, family and job are at stake or have already been lost. Even if this is the case, we try to implement a systematic approach to a solution, together with the patient. To this end, we strive to activate the strengths and self-healing resources of our patients with the goal to permanently overcome the condition. Our high-intensity, customized therapy enables us to individually address the worries and needs of each of our patients.


To ensure the success of our treatment, we have developed a high-intensity therapy concept and qualified follow-up support is already organized during your time with us. We’ll be there for you right away in the case of a crisis. Our center is located in beautiful surroundings and only has 36 rooms. This underlines the intensity and the individual character of our treatment.  We want you to feel at home, to experience harmony of body, mind and soul. You are also invited to use the exceptional wellness, fitness and beauty offers of our service partner, the adjacent Dorint Resort & Spa.

We offer prior outpatient consultation for establishing the initial diagnosis, anamnesis and setting up your therapy plan.

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What former patients say about us

"[...] The entire stay was very satisfying, the alcohol problem was openly counteracted, the very experienced therapists and doctors helped a lot, and the stay at the clinic was very positive [...]"
"[...] The Betty Ford Clinic helped me a lot to keep my alcohol addiction behind me. From the caretaker to the care and administration, everyone contributed to the fact that I left the clinic very positive. [...]"

The therapy forms of our withdrawal clinic
have proven themselves worldwide

At our addiction and withdrawal clinic, we use a therapy that has proven itself countless times around the world. It is a therapy concept that is primarily holistically and individually oriented through a very high number of individual therapies and supplemented by many interesting additional offers.

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