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  • Specialization in addictions and their comorbidities, such as burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • Many years proven therapy concept
  • Clearly above average staffing
  • BAR-certified by the Fachverbund Sucht, last time in 2019
  • A doctor in the house around the clock
  • 8 air-conditioned rooms and therapy rooms
  • approved hospital in the field of detoxification

Our quality claim

At our center, we combine treatment with the highest level of quality.

Therefore, we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and FVS DEGEMED 4.0 and measure our quality among others through surveys among patients, referring physicians  and staff and ratings in external hospital assessment portals such as www.klinikbewertungen.de. This is done to continuously improve and further develop our center and to further promote patient satisfaction.

Our continuous quality checks and our quality claim cover all areas of our center, also the freshly prepared food of our kitchen. This enables us to provide optimum support and medical care for our patients.  Our quality management enables us to determine at any time where we stand with regard to our quality goals and, if necessary, take immediate action or implement longer-term improvements.

Based on the review of our patient feedback, for example, our patient rooms and lounge areas were completely redesigned and renovated. We also ensure the high quality of our treatments by regular in-house and external further training of our doctors, therapists and other staff.

Ultimately, our quality management creates an extraordinary, positive atmosphere and contributes to the best possible support of our patients and the best possible medical care in the field of addiction medicine.  This contributes to the significantly above-average success rate of our treatment as compared to other hospitals.

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What former patients say about us

"[...] The entire stay was very satisfying, the alcohol problem was openly counteracted, the very experienced therapists and doctors helped a lot, and the stay at the clinic was very positive [...]"
"[...] The Betty Ford Clinic helped me a lot to keep my alcohol addiction behind me. From the caretaker to the care and administration, everyone contributed to the fact that I left the clinic very positive. [...]"

The therapy forms of our withdrawal clinic
have proven themselves worldwide

At our addiction and withdrawal clinic, we use a therapy that has proven itself countless times around the world. It is a therapy concept that is primarily holistically and individually oriented through a very high number of individual therapies and supplemented by many interesting additional offers.

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