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Quality management

Everybody in Germany is talking about the quality of healthcare and hospitals. Patients are more critical today than ever before and make sure they know exactly what services are offered by a hospital before their treatment.  This is why we have decided to implement and maintain a comprehensive quality management system which is specifically tailored to the treatment of addiction.

Our quality management system involves a continuous improvement process (CIP) and the optimization of our processes. This is achieved through continuous checks of the effectiveness of our therapies and other processes.  The tools used to continuously develop our quality management are a comprehensive quality management concept, certification, audits and key performance indicators.

Because: “Stagnation means regression” (Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerderer)

We strive to offer high quality in all areas. The implementation of prescribed guidelines is a matter of course for us.

Our certification according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and the applicable certifications by the German Council on Alcohol and Addiction (Fachverband Sucht)/DEGEMED 4.0 is proof of our certified quality.

A good treatment quality is based on the smooth collaboration of all employees. We are committed to ongoing further education to offer our patients the best possible medical, nursing and therapeutic care—competent and based on state of the art medical science.

An important goal of our quality management is to increase the quality of our work by optimizing and documenting our processes. This includes the collection, analysis and evaluation of quality-related data and information.

In addition, our company aims at securing and further improving the high quality of the services provided by our treatment center in the context of a continuous improvement process. The focus of our activities is on improving the satisfaction of our patients and the services of our staff.

We carry out regular patient and staff surveys. The insights gained from complaints, errors and near events are used constructively to further improve our quality.

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