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0800 / 55 747 55
from abroad +49 180 / 55 747 55 to the contact form
  • Specialization in addictions and their comorbidities, such as burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • Many years proven therapy concept
  • Clearly above average staffing
  • BAR-certified by the Fachverbund Sucht, last time in 2019
  • A doctor in the house around the clock
  • 8 air-conditioned rooms and therapy rooms
  • approved hospital in the field of detoxification
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Ofertas terapéuticas complementarias

El concepto de terapia integrativa y orientada global incluye 5 terapias de grupo y 5 individuales a la semana complementadas por otras atractivas ofertas de tratamiento complementarias, especialmente:

  • Terapias creativas
  • Entrenamiento de la atención
  • Técnicas de relajación
  • Entrenamiento de la memoria
  • Coaching
  • Técnicas de control del estrés
  • Testimonios de anteriores dependientes
  • Constelaciones familiares
  • Oferta cinematográfica terapéutica
  • Fitness
  • Gimnasia de espalda
  • Oferta deportiva
  • Fisioterapia (sujeta a tasas)
  • Cursos de informática (sujetos a tasas)
  • Cursos de idiomas (sujetos a tasas)
  • Wellness y Beauty en colaboración con nuestro socio Dorint Resort & Spa
  • entre otras, según las necesidades individuales (asesoramiento educativo, consultas)

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What former patients say about us

"[...] The entire stay was very satisfying, the alcohol problem was openly counteracted, the very experienced therapists and doctors helped a lot, and the stay at the clinic was very positive [...]"
"[...] The Betty Ford Clinic helped me a lot to keep my alcohol addiction behind me. From the caretaker to the care and administration, everyone contributed to the fact that I left the clinic very positive. [...]"


At our addiction and withdrawal clinic, we use a therapy that has proven itself countless times around the world. It is a therapy concept that is primarily holistically and individually oriented through a very high number of individual therapies and supplemented by many interesting additional offers.

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